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Tosh, Edde, Porter, and Prince Close CMS 2023 Season with Hog Roast Nationals Victories!

September 17, 2023  |  by Sam Stoecklin

Richie Tosh captured the $3,000-to-win Super Stock 40-lap main event. Photo by Josh Allee.

Richie Tosh captured the $3,000-to-win Super Stock 40-lap main event. Photo by Josh Allee.

Saturday night action at Central Missouri Speedway (CMS) marked the end of the 2023 race season for drivers and fans with the 3rd Annual Hog Roast Nationals.

The night was filled with the smell of the hog roast and electrified with an early evening thunderstorm and then capped off with the roar of motors to close out the night.

The original plan to start one hour earlier was foiled by the active weather pattern, but once the last showers rolled out, the track maintenance men once again worked their magic with help from the drivers running the track back in.

Racing began shortly after 8 p.m. with a revised race program and flow, and the last checkered flag at 10:25, bringing an end to a phenomenal event night and season at the track.

Super Stocks headlined the night with a $3,000-to-win, 40-lap main event that was won by Richie Tosh while Ryan Edde collected his first-ever victory in the $1,000-to-win, 25-lap B-Mod main event. Darin Porter kept his late-season surge at CMS going with the Pure Stock win while Kenny Prince picked up the Midwest Mods win. For the final race of the season, there were 27 Super Stocks on hand, 18 B-Mods, 7 Midwest Mods, and 11 Pure Stocks Event sponsors Bryke Racing, and Rockin’ T-S Cattle Company added money for the Pure Stocks and Midwest Mod drivers for their main event.

POWRi Super Stocks - 27 Entries

Heat 1 - 8 Laps - 4:22.508 | Bryke Racing: 1. 66-Matthew Kay[5]; 2. 219-Jared Neiswander[4]; 3. 45-Aaron Poe[7]; 4. GO-Jimmy Ngo[2]; 5. G1-Nick Gibson[3]; 6. 75-Nathan Williams[6]; 7. 3P-Tyler Perryman[1]

Heat 2 - 8 Laps - 3:35.993 | Rocking T-S Cattle Co: 1. 6Z-Ted Welschmeyer[2]; 2. 11-Richie Tosh[5]; 3. 30K-Cameron Kelly[1]; 4. 2-Jon Hays[7]; 5. 77-Daniel McKenzie[6]; 6. 27-John Brooks[3]; 7. 72B-Jimmy Burrus[4]

Heat 3 - 8 Laps - 3:26.802 | Bryke Racing: 1. 10-Chad Lyle[2]; 2. 00-Cory Flamm[5]; 3. 68-Dean Wille[7]; 4. 164-Michael Muskrat[1]; 5. 04-Blaine Ewing[3]; 6. 04B-Brian Worley[6]; 7. 22N-Landon Nakoneczny[4]

Heat 4 - 8 Laps - 2:37.966 | Rocking T-S Cattle Co: 1. 14-Larry Ferris[2]; 2. 3J-Jerett Evans[4]; 3. G11-Tony Anglin[6]; 4. 25-Brett Wood[5]; 5. 25M-Aaron Murry[3]; 6. 9R-Jay Lamons[1]

Matthew Kay of Chanute, Kan., and Tebbetts’s Ted Welschmeyer began the 40-lap main event from row one for the $3,000-to-win race with Kay grabbing the early lead. Welschmeyer’s night ended early as he retired from the event by lap three. Caution slowed the field at lap four with Kay leading Larry Ferris, Chad Lyle, Richie Tosh, and Jared Neiswander. Arkansas driver Tony Anglin moved to the top five by lap eight just before a second and third caution period waved by lap 10 and . Kay continued to lead, but Chad Lyle began putting heavy pressure on the leader for several laps. Jared Neiswander spun from contention from the top five at lap 16 as the caution slowed the field. At the halfway point, Kay continued to hold off Lyle, Tosh, Anglin, and Ferris inside the top five. On lap 22, Tosh, moved to second and then began pressuring Kay for the lead shortly after, Caution slowed the field at the lap 25 marker and again at lap 28 just as Aaron Poe moved to fourth to join the leaders. Brian Worley moved to the top five by lap 30 to set up a phenomenal five-car battle between Tosh, Kay, Anglin, and Poe. One final caution on lap 33 reset the field for a seven-lap sprint to the finish as Poe advanced to second behind Tosh. Poe did all he could to reel in the leader but in the end came up one spot shy as Tosh collected the big-money victory, his second of the season at CMS. Poe settled for second with Kay having a solid outing in third. Worley gained one more spot to finish fourth with Anglin rounding out the top five at the line with Ferris settling for sixth.

A-Main - 40 Laps - 32:52.441 | Rocking T-S Cattle Co 1. 11-Richie Tosh[5]; 2. 45-Aaron Poe[9]; 3. 66-Matthew Kay[1]; 4. 04B-Brian Worley[23]; 5. G11-Tony Anglin[11]; 6. 14-Larry Ferris[4]; 7. 10-Chad Lyle[3]; 8. 25-Brett Wood[14]; 9. 68-Dean Wille[10]; 10. GO-Jimmy Ngo[15]; 11. 164-Michael Muskrat[16]; 12. 77-Daniel McKenzie[17]; 13. 25M-Aaron Murry[20]; 14. 2-Jon Hays[12]; 15. 3J-Jerett Evans[8]; 16. 3P-Tyler Perryman[25]; 17. G1-Nick Gibson[18]; 18. 22N-Landon Nakoneczny[27]; 19. 00-Cory Flamm[6]; 20. (DNF) 75-Nathan Williams[21]; 21. (DNF) 72B-Jimmy Burrus[26]; 22. (DNF) 04-Blaine Ewing[19]; 23. (DNF) 27-John Brooks[22]; 24. (DNF) 219-Jared Neiswander[7]; 25. (DNF) 30K-Cameron Kelly[13]; 26. (DNF) 9R-Jay Lamons[24]; 27. (DNF) 6Z-Ted Welschmeyer[2]

POWRi B-Mods - 18 Entries

Heat 1 - 8 Laps - 3:19.671; 1. 57-Chad Clancy[2]; 2. 61-Sturgis Streeter[1]; 3. 51M-Mike Ryun[4]; 4. 15J-Jake Fetterman[6]; 5. 90M-Jessie Mulich[5]; 6. (DNS) 99-Jess Fitzpatrick

Heat 2 - 8 Laps - 3:20.204: 1. 30-Rex Harris[2]; 2. 15E-Ryan Edde[1]; 3. 05-Jeremy Lile[4]; 4. 94-Jacob Ebert[5]; 5. R33-Austen Raybourn[6]; 6. 87-Tyler Cochran[3]

Heat 3 - 8 Laps - 3:25.731: 1. 7J-Jake Richards[3]; 2. 12C-Stephen Clancy[5]; 3. 2-Brayden Bohn[1]; 4. 99S-Brad Smith[4]; 5. 88-Derek Nevels[2]; 6. 7-Anthony Tanner[6]

Jake Richards and Chad Clancy earned the top starting positions for the $2,000-to-win, 25-lap B-Mod main event with Clancy taking the early lead. Clancy was fast from the onset and put several car lengths between himself and second-running Richards by lap five. Stephen Clancy, Brother of Chad, moved into third and then by lap eight found his way past Richards to make it an all-Clancy top two. A caution slowed the race at lap nine with Chad and Stephen showing the way ahead of sixth-starting Ryan Edde, Richards, and 2023 champion, Sturgis Streeter. Richards strong run came to an unexpected end on lap 11 as he quickly exited the track and retired to the infield. Shortly after, Ryan Edde and Stephen Clancy battled for second with Edde eventually grabbing the spot. BY lap 13, Edde moved up to challenge Chad Clancy for the lead and took command of the event. At lap 16, Edde led the Brothers Clancy, Streeter, and Jeremy Lile. One final restart regrouped the field at lap 17 but it was not enough to prevent Edde from claiming a hard-fought first-ever CMS victory. Chad Clancy earned dinner table bragging rights over Brother Stephen as they finished second and third. Lile rose one more position late in the race to finish fourth with Rex Harris and Streeter completing the top six.

A Feature - 25 Laps - 10:45.693: 1. 15E-Ryan Edde[6]; 2. 57-Chad Clancy[2]; 3. 12C-Stephen Clancy[4]; 4. 05-Jeremy Lile[8]; 5. 30-Rex Harris[3]; 6. 61-Sturgis Streeter[5]; 7. 99S-Brad Smith[12]; 8. 94-Jacob Ebert[11]; 9. 15J-Jake Fetterman[10]; 10. 90M-Jessie Mulich[14]; 11. 51M-Mike Ryun[7]; 12. 88-Derek Nevels[15]; 13. 7-Anthony Tanner[17]; 14. 2-Brayden Bohn[9]; 15. R33-Austen Raybourn[13]; 16. (DNF) 7J-Jake Richards[1]; 17. (DNF) 99-Jess Fitzpatrick[18]; 18. (DNS) 87-Tyler Cochran.

POWRi Midwest Mods - 7 Entries

Heat 1 - 8 Laps - 3:31.276: 1. 447-Kenny Prince[3]; 2. 26-Devin Wetzel[4]; 3. 99-Dylon Smith[6]; 4. 5D-Dustin Dennison[5]; 5. 15-Cole Ryun[7]; 6. (DNF) 99L-Jeff Lockard[1]; 7. (DNS) 34-Hayden Wooten

Kenny Prince and Devin Wetzel, both 2023 winners at CMS, took the front row-starting positions for the light but competitive field of Midwest Mods on hand. Prince quickly moved his machine to the front of the field with Wetzel and Dylon Smith giving chase. At lap nine, Dennison and Wetzel ran close for several laps for the second spot behind Prince, who built a sizeable lead. Dennison was able to gain ground on the leader, getting as close as 1.09 seconds behind at lap 14, but was unable to gain any further as Prince ultimately set sail for his third victory of the season at CMS. Dennison, the 2023 class champion, was second, followed by Wetzel, Cole Ryun, Smith, and Jeff Lockard.

A Feature - 20 Laps - 7:06.224: 1. 447-Kenny Prince[1]; 2. 5D-Dustin Dennison[4]; 3. 26-Devin Wetzel[2]; 4. 15-Cole Ryun[5]; 5. 99-Dylon Smith[3]; 6. (DNF) 99L-Jeff Lockard[6]; 7. (DNS) 34-Hayden Wooten

POWRi Pure Stocks - 11 Entries

Heat 1 - 8 Laps - 3:24.641: 1. 7-Spencer Reiff[2]; 2. 21-Darin Porter[3]; 3. 30-Trevor Wilson[5]; 4. 403-Darrin Christy[4]; 5. 12W-Aaron Welschmeyer[6]; 6. 75-Brady Tanner[1]

Heat 2 - 8 Laps - 3:43.632: 1. 88-Chris Messerli[1]; 2. M87-Mallory Stiffler[2]; 3. 89-Jonathan Evans[3]; 4. 216-Payton McDowell[4]; 5. 4D-David Doelz[5]

Spencer Reiff was the 2023 Pure Stock champion, and he earned a front-row starting position for the 15-lap main event along with Chris Messerli. Reiff took the early lead over Messerli and Darin Porter inside of lap five with Trevor Wilson also advancing to take over fourth. Caution flew at lap seven with Reiff leading Porter, Messerli and Wilson. Porter immediately pressured Reiff for the top spot when racing resumed and by lap nine, found himself in command of the race leaving Reiff to battle with Payton McDowell late in the race. Porter went on to collect his third win of the season in a dominating performance over Reiff, McDowell, Wilson, Jonathan Evans and Messerli.

A Feature - 15 Laps - 7:42.899: 1. 21-Darin Porter[3]; 2. 7-Spencer Reiff[1]; 3. 216-Payton McDowell[8]; 4. 30-Trevor Wilson[5]; 5. 89-Jonathan Evans[6]; 6. 88-Chris Messerli[2]; 7. 12W-Aaron Welschmeyer[9]; 8. M87-Mallory Stiffler[4]; 9. 75-Brady Tanner[11]; 10. (DNF) 403-Darrin Christy[7]; 11. (DNF) 4D-David Doelz[10]

CMS wishes to thank everyone for the attendance and participation in all our 2023 events. Stay tuned to www.centralmissourispeedway.net in the coming weeks for a 2023 season wrap-up press release. Going forward, our plan is to release some of the 2024 schedule dates in November as we continue to plan owners and promoters Earl and Susan Walls 30-year anniversary season at track.

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